What is the ENBARR App?
Maggie has been a horse professional since 2005. She began as a rider then turned trainer after college. Once she and Tim were married they combined their ambition and work ethic and purchased a boarding and training facility together. Today they spend their days teaching riders in their academy, managing and maintaining their facility, and trying to soak up the time with their two young children. After many frustrated experiences trying to buy and sell horses, the two decided to take on another ambitious adventure to change the way the equine industry buys and sells horses. Out of this dream, the ENBARR App was built. "Our goal is to streamline the sales process and help trainers, breeders, riders and sellers get more time back in the day to do what they love."
Maggie Clancy and Tim Grace
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Wondering what the ENBARR App is? Think Tinder but for horse sales. List, view, share ads, like horses, message with buyers/sellers and more right from your phone! The next level of marketing your sales horses!
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